Fixed Assets Management System

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Fixed Assets Management System

Modern day organizations struggle to fully explain the value they provide to the business owing to the dynamics of operations. Fixed Asset Management System plays a major role in addressing these challenges by reducing costs and drive business decisions by managing the physical, virtual, financial, and contractual aspects of organization assets.

Our Asset Management Systemautomates best practices across the asset management life cycle and integrates processes into service support including incident, problem and to improve service quality and business outcomes.

Main Features

  • Maintain detailed records of assets, tools, parts and personnel
  • Optimize inventory & track movement
  • Track insurance & service contracts
  • Track asset allocation
  • Full asset life cycle management
  • Extensive depreciation management

  • In-depth asset reconciliation
  • Exhaustive reports with multiple filters
  • Interactive dash board for visual analysis
  • Synchronized depreciation with accounting periods for accuracy
  • Integrated with Tally accounting & other financial management software

Asset Catallogue

  • Detailed information about the assets from a single screen (from purchase to scrapping)
  • Store multiple status for an asset
  • Attach asset photo and related documents
  • Quick search that spans numerous items
  • Import/Export asset information for 3rd party integration
  • Insurance management of assets
  • Display depreciation information (location wise) in one screen
  • Asset disposal/sale handling
  • Asset value updation
  • Allocation of asset to multiple location/employees/cost centre
  • Easy to manage location transfer
  • Booking of profit/loss on asset disposal/sales


  • Comprehensive asset management
  • Complete visibility on all assets and their impact on business decisions
  • Swift asset reconciliation with detailed analysis on various levels
  • Enterprise-wide asset control with fine-grain information retrieval
  • Improve performance through integrated processes and MIS reporting
  • Fully secured operation
  • Multi-level filters for data analysis

Appreciation / Depreciation/

  • Fully compliant with statutory depreciation requirements
  • Two kinds of depreciation methods
  • Straight line and reducing balance, computed on monthly / yearly basis
  • Two levels of depreciation rates
  • Company and statutory basis
  • On-the-fly depreciation calculation until scrap value or user define figure
  • Side-by-side comparison of depreciation calculations by various methods
  • Comprehensive year-end process
  • Generates IFRS compliant reports
  • Cost centre wise depreciation calculation

Barcode & Stock Take

  • Generate custom barcodes for internal use
  • Print the barcodes with any desired layout
  • Perform complete stock take using integrated hand-held barcode scanners
  • Fully automated asset reconciliation showing missing and excess assets
  • Compliant with pre-printed barcode tags
  • Allocate / De-allocate tags from assets
  • Track asset movement across the organization
  • RFID tagging

Service Tracking

  • Record repair issues for an asset
  • Full tracking on assets leaving or entering the premises for repairs
  • Stores detailed repair information including cost, item repaired, vendor etc.
  • Analyses asset worthiness
  • Prints out control documents to track asset movement across the organization
  • Provides repair analysis on factors like suppliers, components etc.

barcode-samAsset Tagging ↦ Reconciliation

Asset tagging involves physical identification of assets across the organization and then attach barcode tags to each asset. Once the tagging is complete, the assets are recovered by means of asset stock take activity. This activity involves physical stock take of asset by scanning the tag of each asset using a hand-held scanner. Once the scanning is complete, the scanner is attached to the Fixed Asset Management System for downloading of data. This data is then reconciled with the data stored in the database. After the software carries out reconcilliation, a report is presented to the user stating whether the assets are in line with the database. This ensures that right assets are placed in appropriate locations.


In-depth reports covering:

  • Transaction analysis.
  • Purchase analysis.
  • Depreciation.
  • Service / repair management.
  • Movement analysis.
  • Allocation tracking.
  • Barcode tracking.
  • Insurance & log book management.
  • In-depth data analysis using pivot.
  • Asset movement.
  • IFRS compliant reports.
  • Audit trail.

System Configuration

  • Generate custom series of various identification numbers.
  • In-depth user rights for tight-control.
  • Printing and exporting of data from any screen.
  • On-the-fly filters for fine-grained analysis.
  • Multiple means of accessing the modules.
  • Colorful dashboard.
  • Work with multiple companies.
  • User friendly software version upgrade function.
  • Quick switching of financial years.


  • Database back-up and restore utility.
  • Report writer integration.
  • OLAP cube reports.
  • Finance software integration.
  • Audit trail.

Report Writer

  • Design unlimited custom reports.
  • Drag and drop interface.
  • Export any report to multiple formats like Excel, PDF, HTML etc.
  • Multiple on-screeen filters for detailed analysis.
  • Grant access to an individual for any report.
  • Fully scalable

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