Smart Chip Card Solutions

Smart Chip Cards Solutions

Smart Card Software Development – Smart Chip Card Programming


We create Smart Chip Card Applications, often whole end to end systems.

You already know smart chip cards for door access, credit card or loyalty card, but there is much more. Simple examples are Health Card, Electronic Driver’s License, Insurance Card, Electronic Purse or Debit Card.  When we add multilevel access management, biometric identification, server and database log-on, encryption and decryption of messages, real-time updates of cards and usage of mobile message carrier you get the most advanced and secure application. With one card you can even control thousands of other cards.

The following smart card solutions have been built and are available or specific ones can be built as per your requirements. The chance is you may find what you were looking for right here:

  • FareONE – AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) solution for small and medium operators  – TURN KEY SYSTEM
  • HealthONE – smart health card with basic framework, could be customized for specific configuration – TURN KEY SYSTEM
  • TaxiONE – smart card payment solution for taxi operators – TURN KEY SYSTEM
  • eTicketONE – integrated smart card payment solution for: bus, ferry, taxi or train service – TURN KEY SYSTEM
  • SmartID-ONE – smart ID or driver’s license
  • InsuranceONE – smart insurance card for person or vehicle
  • VisitorONE – smart visitor system promoting local attractions
  • FerryONE – smart ticketing system for ferry operators regardless of size – TURNKEY SYSTEM
  • TicketONE – smart ticket to one or many events
  • MemberONE – supercharged smart membership system
  • ePurseONE – small or large smart payment system – SMALL TURN KEY SYSTEMS READY TO GO
  • eBankONE – micro banking using smart cards
  • PoliceID-ONE – smart card police ID system
  • eTimeONE – portable Time & Attendance system
  • CitizenONE – card that has it all! Electronic citizen card for every person living in modern society
  • ePurseX – medium to large size payment system based on ePurse and true POS terminals

SmartGold Club – manage and increase personal wealth, gold/silver management system, holdings stored into smart card, 100% backed up by physical metal

Advantages of Smart Chip Cards

Smart Cards have flexibility. There is no need, for example, to carry several cards: one card can simultaneously be an ID, a credit card, a stored-value cash card, and a repository of personal information such as telephone numbers or medical history. Such a card can be easily replaced if lost, and, because a PIN number (or other form of security) must be used to access information, is totally useless to people other than its legal bearer. At the first attempt to use it illegally, the card would be deactivated by the card reader itself.

Smart Cards are secure. They can be electronic key rings, giving the bearer ability to access information and physical places without need for online connections. They are encryption devices, so that the user can encrypt and decrypt information without relying on unknown, and therefore potentially untrustworthy, appliances such as ATMs. Smart cards are very flexible in providing authentication at different level of the bearer and the counterpart. Finally, with the information about the user that smart cards can provide to the other parties, they are useful devices for customizing products and services.

Other general benefits of smart cards are:

  • Portability
  • Increasing data storage capacity
  • Reliability that is virtually unaffected by electrical and magnetic fields.

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